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Fox Hill Supercross 2009

The Fox Hill Supercross will be held on Saturday 18th April 2009 for the 17th year at Diyatalwa. This grand show of motor sports will feature approximately 13 car events ad 17 motor bicycle events.

The Fox Hill Supercross was launched by the Sri Lanka Military Academy (SLMA) Diyatalawa in 1993 in association with the Sri Lanka Association of Racing Drivers and Riders (SLARDAR) with the intention of generating much needed funds for the development of infrastructure facilities of the SLMA. This took the entire sporting world by surprise, and is today the trail-blazer for the rest of supercross events which are in existence today.

The uniqueness of the Fox Hill Supercross depends on a combination of several significant factors the track, the location, the climate and the organisation. The fox Hill track has been created to international standards and provides its thousands of spectators a full view of almost 90% of each and every race from any one location. The Fox Hill ground accommodates any number of spectators at this grand motor racing show of the year.

Over the years there has been a vast improvement in the SLMA in all aspects, thanks to the funds generated through the Fox Hill project. The SLMA is thus indebted to all past and present sponsors, advertises and well wishers for their unstinted cooperation and continuous participation. The 17 year strong bond between the SLMA and SLARDAR has become legendary along with the close mutual and fruitful support from the media.

The Sri Lanka Military Academy (SLMA) Diyatalawa, the alma mater of gallant officers of the Sri Lanka Army, steadily carries forward the military traditions inherited from its forefathers who had valiantly defended the sovereignty of the nation at the cost of their lives. The SLMA with its BSc in Military Studies degree programme, educates trains and inspires future Officers, So that they imbibe the character, leadership intellectual foundation and other attributes essential to progressive and continuing development throughout a career of exemplary service to the Nation as an officer and a leader. In order to produce officers of such calibres, constant infrastructure development and acquisition of technologically advanced resources become mandatory. This demands for additional finances that are met through the limited funds generated from the Fox Hill Supercross.

On Saturday 18th April 2009 the Fox Hill area will once again become a hive of activity. The Sri Lanka Military Academy invites all sports lovers. veterans and newcomers alike to this tremendously exhilarating experience. After all, each individual will be knowingly or unknowingly fulfilling a national duty with his or her presence at the event.

- lankapuvath-

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