Fossil Juice and Octane Boosters

Posted on Jul 16, 2016 by Administrator

Fossil Juice and Octane Boosters

It is every speed freak’s desire to obtain as much power out put from their machines as possible. With the many after market mod accessories available and also the various mods a good engine shop can do these days, it is only a question of how much money you have in your budget to spend. The bigger the budget, the better it is.
Whilst some guys may have an endless supply of funds, most do not. Yet the hunger for power remains the same.
As I have been away from  Sri-Lanka ever since I was small, I do not know the availability of various products in the market place and their price range. But never the less, I thought of mentioning a very cheap way of getting power out of your car without having to bolt on all those expensive mod parts.
Even if your car does have all the mod parts money can buy, the performance will all depend on the quality of the fuel you use.
Whether the car is a carburetor model or controlled by an electronic fuel injection system, the better the quality of the fuel used, the better the response and power your car is going to give you.
Almost all cars on the roads have a four-stroke engine and the most important stroke is the compression stroke.
The compression stroke is when the engine compresses a cylinder full of air and fuel into a very tight space before the mixture gets ignited with the spark plug.
The octane rating of the fuel one uses indicates to how much the fuel air mixture can be compressed before it spontaneously ignites. A low 90 octane can handle the least amount of compression before igniting.
The higher the engine’s compression ratio the better the fuel mix has to be. A higher compression will give you more power, but if the fuel is of a low octane value then the high compression of the engine will be of no importance.
Whilst one of the ways to get more power is to increase the compression ratio of your engine, a cheaper option is to find fuel of a higher octane rating.
In some countries it is possible to purchase high-octane fuel from your regular filling station or from some of the fuel depots. Fuels of around 102-octane rating are ideal for getting that much needed boost in power.
Also available in some markets are Octane Boosters. These come in 350 - 750ml bottles and all you have to do is pour in a recommended amount of the booster into your fuel tank, mix it with your regular fuel and voila you got your self the octane level you need.
Whether it be a high octane rated fuel or an octane booster you are using, you will certainly get better throttle response and a smoother running engine. High-octane fuel also allows for the advancing of ignition timing which when correctly done will bring out more power from the engine.
As I said earlier, the availability of these fuels or products in the Sri-Lankan market I do not know of, but if you are looking for a cheap way to get more power from you engine, then this is certainly the way to go. Especially if you need the boost in power only on occasional nights when you want to drag down the streets of Colombo or just to impress the neighborhood birds. 
Happy motoring everyone.

Author - Duncan Udawatta

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