SLARDAR 1000 Rally - 2012

Posted on Oct 27, 2016 by Administrator

SLARDAR 1000 Rally - 2012

After a 4 year hiatus, the SLARDAR 1000 Rally had a welcome return to the Sri Lankan motorsport calendar. Taking place on public roads, the rally incorporated approximately 1000kms of various terrain types, forcing the drivers and co-drivers to employ all their driving skills in order to remain in the competitive. This being a time/distance rally, the aim was not always to drive the fastest possible, but to maintain an average speed - with timing miscalculations resulting in debit points.

This year saw the rally's ninth different winner in as many races, as Samin Attanayake & co-driver, Rahal Uluwita came home with the least amount of debit points.

Special thanks to Noel Rodrigo, Andreas Klaus, Malik Monnekulame, Mr. Mahes Gammampila and the entire SLARDAR organization for their support.

Produced by - Sam Smith